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Buy and sell shares on the Trading Market

Setup your trading account to get started

Trade Startup shares globallly

Buy and sell shares with others across the gulf-countries

2% Trading Fees

An Exclusive Trading Fees of 50% when you invite friends

Transparent Pricing

View pricing data for paintings; review order books to analyze pricing trends

The Trading Market

Buy sell and trade paintings with other participants on the Trading Market.

Buy and selling

Place buy and sell orders and track pricing changes in real time

Orders placed on the platform are on a good-til-canceled basis, orders that are good-til-canceled will stay open on the Trading Platform until you cancel them or the orders match and a trade is executed.

Wallet account

Deposit funds and trade using a brokerage account introduced by Templum Markets. Use this account to trade with participants in the Trading Platform as well as fund purchases of new paintings in the primary market.
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